Business Startup Consulting

If you are already in business or want to get into business, we provide a comprehensive host of business services that will help you.

  • Plan
  • Permit
  • Layout
  • Management
  • Marketing

Operation Consulting Service

Our belief is to provide owners and/or investors of hospitality-oriented properties/facilities, be it a restaurant, café, deli facility, with solution-based services that increase and/or improve BOTTOMLINE PROFITABILITY.

The consulting services which we offer are customized to meet your investment objectives and maybe structure either on an ‘a-la-carte’ basis or as a comprehensive package.  These services are diverse and varied.  The following is a sampling of services which Our Hospitality has offered to satisfied clients.

  • Change Management
  • Implementation of Fiscal or Operational Control Systems
  • People & Human Resources Development
  • Service Training
  • Marketing & Promotion Enhancement
  • Investment & Development Assessment
  • Quality & Service Analysis

Buying and Selling a Business

We can assist you to negotiate and prepare the necessary Contract of Purchase and Sale to acquire or sell a business such as a grocery store, restaurant or other kinds of business venture.

We will do all the necessary searches, assignment of lease and other legal documentation to transfer ownership of the business to you.  We can also assist you to apply for GST and PST registration numbers.


We can help you to incorporate your business as a limited company in British Columbia.  We also can act as your corporate registered and records office, and assist you to prepare and file your annual report each year.  We can prepare Shareholder’s Agreements, and assist in the corporate restructuring of your company and other services as required.

Commercial Transactions

We can assist you in reviewing and preparing commercial documents such as: leasing agreements, management and employment contracts, debentures and mortgages, promissory note, guarantees, indemnity agreements and others.

Turn-key operation

Meaning of “turn-key operation”

The term is used in the world of franchise sales to describe a business that is 100% ready to go.  All the new owner has to do is show up, “turn the key” in the front door and the customers come flooding in.