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Heart warming customer service runs our house

一份百分百 窩心溫暖的顅客服務

Customers comes first. Cafe Loyal takes pride in their heart warming customer service. We provide our customers with a one-step ordering system with our TV ordering screens. Customers order their meal at the counter and picks up an order number. The number will be called once the food is ready (usually within five minutes).

Our combos includes both a meal of your choice and a drink. Tax included.


顧客第一。來佬團隊堅持一份百分百 窩心溫暖的顅客服務。我們為顧客提供一 站式餐飲訂購系統,配備我們的電視訂購屏幕。顧客在櫃檯訂購餐號,客人依據購 買提供餐單號碼, 五分鐘內提取食物

餐號組合價格包括一份餐, 一份餐飲, 稅務。

We are featured on various social media platforms. Cafe Loyal has gained many likes and followers through social media, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Cafe Loyal also attracts more than 1000s Loyal App downloads and over 1000,000s Official website, CafeLoyal.com visitors.

我們在各種社交媒體平台上, 如Google, Facebook以及Instagram等等⋯,贏得好評和支持者。

我們同時擁有數千多個CafeLoyal App應用程 式下載量以及 過數百萬 CafeLoyal.com網頁遊 覽者。 

Concept & Management

Alberto Paganini

First & Last Business Consulting Inc.  since 1992

First & Last Business Consulting Inc. started as a team of local business consultants striving to help customers select services that best fit their personal investment needs and provide assistance with business strategies in times of need. This personalized service and commitment to quality continues today and has created an exceptionally strong bond between First & Last Business Consulting firm and its investors. Now more than 30 years later, we continue to bring innovative solutions to the service and hospitality industry and as times continue to change, so do we.


First & Last Business Consulting Inc., 商業顧問公司開 始在加拿大幫助不同商業機構或個人投資需求服 務,並提供當地的經營策略,一直至今以承諾協 助他們解決商務和個別化問題來增強我們與客戶 互相信任基礎。30年後今日,我們繼續為大家帶 來創新飲食文化概念,並隨著時代不斷變化來為 客戶提供出色的內外經營模式。 

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